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What is REAL food?

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When I get asked: What do you eat as a plant-based Ayurvedic-inspired chef? My response is always, “I eat REAL food”. That means, I eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible, free of packaging, processing and the adding of many horrible ingredients and preservatives. My food is REAL and prepared with LOVE.

The quality of the food being natural, real, non-gmo and organic is important, but, what most don’t think about is the ENERGY that goes into the food when it is being prepared, cooked and even eaten. If I spend much of my life devoted to eating a healing diet, then why would I go to a restaurant that treats its employees poorly and that don’t care about the food they are giving me regardless of the quality of the ingredients? If I am stressed and eating quickly and with anger while scrolling through facebook, without the love, is it even healthy??

This is why RealFood app is so amazing and important. People with the same passion as us like minded individuals about healing foods have created an app where we can find restaurants that offer quality food in its ingredients and its care. Now we can find places to enjoy food that is prepared to our standards, the only thing we must focus on now is the energy WE put into eating this deliciousness. That is 100% our OWN responsibility and it starts with consciousness. Be grateful for each meal you have, each bite you taste and don’t take it for granted. We eat to live, not live to eat…….

The answer is always LOVE. One LOVE. Let’s raise the universal vibration eating, creating, sharing……… Thanks RealFood for making our lives a little easier to find quality eats.

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Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food :)

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